I had mentioned Graced & Gifted in a What’s on Your Nightstand? Post awhile back and I had given it a 2 star rating, which isn’t totally accurate.  The reason I had done that was because most, if not all, the content was stuff I already knew after several years of being a homemaker & preparing for it.  IF, however, you had given me this book a year or two after I moved out, it would have been intensely useful.

Kimberly Hahn, wife of apologist Scott Hahn, is tackling the subject of being a Proverbs 31 woman from a Catholic perspective.  This book, Graced & Gifted, is the second in a series of four books written to address the subject.  It’s main focus is Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart.
The information in here is invaluable to any woman who is out on her own for the first time or is newly married.  Kimberly opens her book with the story that is the main catalyst for A Mother’s Rule of Life.  She explains the ordering of God’s plan for your priorities-  Prayer, Person, Partner, Parenting & Provider.  Each of these subjects are covered lightly before launching into homemaking.

She covers various aspects of homemaking including meal planning, finances, time management, making a beautiful home, and cultivating a garden.   The unique thing about her approach and mention of resources for further study is that she addresses these menial tasks as service to the important people in our life & our means to sanctification.  One thing that made me feel much better about my life was when she said “Embracing the humility that comes from incomplete daily work is ones of God’s gifts to us through this calling.”

This book is not a end all be all of homemaking knowledge.  What it IS is a guide to WHY homemaking is important & resources for further study of areas where you need help.  Again, I’d recommend this book to any woman who either doesn’t know how to run her household or feels overwhelmed by it and needs to consider it in a different light.

You can purchase this book here.

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