I’ve been thinking very hard about my lenten changes in the last week.   Especially since Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship sent a bunch of us an email last week about getting a bunch of lenten linkies up :).  I found a great article or post this time LAST year and cannot, for the life of me, find it so my goals for this year aren’t as well articulated as I would like.

Our family has been working toward becoming more devout in it’s devotion.

Personally, I am upping my prayer.  I created a very do-able plan in my MROL Online Book study, but my implementation hasn’t been the greatest.  I am going to do the prayer outlined there and I am going to add Stations of the Cross on Friday’s with my family.

For our penitence, in addition to the required Fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and abstinence on all Friday’s, we are going to be eating very simply around our house.   We will save treats and desserts for Sunday (because they are not technically Lent).   We will be removing all snacky type foods from our pantry.  We are on a mission to finish the last of the junk, which luckily, isn’t much.   We will be eating very simply and from the pantry again.  Our hunger and/or lack of variety will be silently offered up (at least by me–no one else may notice 😉 ).

We have not determined what our almsgiving will be yet.   I haven’t had a chance to discuss it with Bones.

My last big item will be to USE MY SCHEDULE.  Again, I created a rule of life following God’s plan for my life in my vocation but I haven’t done a great job following it.  By following my plan, it will bring God closer to me as I go about my daily duties, which is, after all one of the intents of Lent, is it not?

So what are your lenten practices for 2010?   Share yours or read more at Kitchen Stewardship!

2 Comments on Lent 2010

  1. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship
    16 March 2010 at 9:38 AM (14 years ago)

    Excellent goals, Jen. I especially appreciate the idea of doing what we should be doing to take care of our daily duties.

    That MROL was soooo hard for me! How’s it going for you? Only a few weeks left in Lent – time for me, at least, to recommit and push to the goal!
    Thanks so much for linking up in the Lenten carnival at KS. Happy Lent!
    🙂 Katie


  2. Kate Wicker @ Momopoly
    14 February 2010 at 9:44 PM (14 years ago)

    I like the idea of eating simply. Sometimes it feels like we’ve all forgotten how to eat. We eat all this processed stuff, or we eat meal substitutes or sprinkle fake sugar in our coffee. Eating simply and mindfully is a way to show our appreciation for our bodies and the food we have on our table. I’m going to try eat simply this Lent, too.

    May you have a filling Lent and not be hungry for anything! God bless.


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