Things have been going well.   Right after I posted last, I was essentially comatose until July or August.     Then I spent July/August/September catching up on and getting ahead of stuff that I didn’t do because I was busy building a new person :).

It’s been a great few months and DH and I have both been blessed with wonderful little opportunities that pretty much tell us that we were meant to have this child.   His business is going well and due to some work changes, I get to leave the company in December (tenatively) instead of working until I’m due and then just not coming back.   Thankfully, work has also been very slow so the whole mommy-brain thing hasn’t been a huge problem — more of an annoyance.   I’m also the President of my chapter of the IAAP and my term runs until June 2008, so I ‘m doubly thankful that I’m not horribly busy.

I’ve been working like mad in my little window of productivity, though I’m having to start slowing down again.   I’ve been trying really hard to keep the house clean, get it on a schedule, clean out and organize my office & purge unnecessary items, tasks and brain-drains from my life before the baby gets here.   I’ve also been studying my religion and creating my Household Notebook (AKA Control Journal – a la Flylady).   I’ve also found a great group on Yahoo that walks you through a much more comprehensive one than Flylady’s is, but easier for me to follow than OrganizedHome (which is being archived — sniff, sniff!).     I’ve also been given patience in abundance (in preparation for being a mom, I’m sure) and so I find it easier to take my time and focus and the world is not going to end if it’s not finished TOMORROW!   Or if it’s not done PERFECTLY — which DH adores; the pressure is off!

I’ve been using Google Doc’s to work on a lot of my HN because I’ve been on so many different computers, it’s easier to work that way.   When I get comfortable with it, I will post pics and share some of the doc’s for those who like more detail.   I’m not sure how useful some of them will be, but I know that lots of people look for examples.   Unfortunately, this blog has been around so long that it’s bombarded with SPAM comments and no one will probably be able to get through :(.

Anyway, I hope to be posting more soon.

oh, yeah, almost forgot —


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