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Being a mother has never been easy for me. I do okay until about 18 months and then I just stink at it. And I have advice and medical help and a choice. I never got pregnant against my will.

I had choices in birthing, labor and delivery. I have choices in how I care for my children and what to feed them. Good choices.

So when I hear about the girls being helped by The Mercy House, I have to help. These poor girls have no good choices. No help. No food. No knowledge.

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I learned about The Mercy House through We Are That Family. She started the home, which rescues pregnant girls and helps them rehabilitate their lives, care for their babies before and after birth, and educates them on how to be a good parent and provide for their children.

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They counsel them on the hurts they hold in their hearts and help them know that God loves them and wants the best for them. They have helped 6 moms & babies “graduate” and brought more teen moms in. We help sponsor one of those graduates. While not every girl they try to help succeeds, the remaining girls are redeemed in an amazing way.


And if that isn’t enough, the girls at the Mercy House and in organizations the world over make items at a living wage to be included in monthly Fair Trade Friday boxes. They sell 700+ boxes a month, each one supporting 4-7 women and all money goes to them.

Every item has a tag with the woman’s name & country. The packing and coordination is all done by volunteers. And the boxes are amazing. And the contents cannot be purchased in The Mercy Shop — boxes are kind of exclusive and one of a kind.  The ultimate curated subscription box.


They even have an Earring of the Month program if the FTF boxes are out of your budget.  They are beautiful and if I had pierced ears, I would do these, too!  You can join the wait list/club at FairTradeFriday.club.

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We keep a picture of our sponsored mom & baby on our buffet with our birth kids. On the hard days, when this little dudes grin isn’t enough, I look at their picture and remember just how good I have it. And I pray for all mothers, that they may have the graces they need to get through their day.

Will you join me in helping mothers around the world take care of their families by supporting Mercy House Kenya or Fair Trade Friday?

Jen S.

Photos without happylittlehomemaker.com on them are courtesy of Fair Trade Friday.

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