I scheduled our mid-winter break to happen during the first week of Lent and I found myself in a super crafty mood. I know! How often do you see craft stuff on here? Um, like twice a year, tops.

DIY Stations of the Cross token

Anyway, I started a set of Stations of the Cross eggs years ago. By start, I mean I put 18 eggs into a cardboard egg container and figured I’d finish it later. So FIVE years later, I am getting around to it. Having crafty kids helps :).

Catholic Icing was where I first found the idea for Stations of the Cross eggs. My dollar store didn’t have those stickers and I looked for several years to no avail. Then I realized I could use the HappySaints Way of the Cross book to make tokens!   And we got several steps closer to having a completed set of Stations of the Cross eggs.


Way of the Cross e-book from HappySaints ($14)
1.5 inch wooden craft circles (15)
Avery template for form 8293
Avery 1.5″ diameter stickers (optional) or regular paper, scissors, and a glue stick
Foam paint brush
Mod podge (or watered down glue)
Purple or red paint (optional)

stations of the cross tokens close-up


Paint the front & backs of the wooden circles, if desired. Laci used red, I would use purple. I didn’t feel like painting 4 sets so I left mine natural. Your call.

Open the Way of the Cross e-book & find the circles (pgs 42-44).

Download the Avery template. Open your word processor and the template.

Switch back to the e-book and click on an image. Ctrl-C to copy. Click your cursor in the middle of a circle and Ctrl-V to paste. Repeat until all 15 stations are in your word document.

Print onto sticker stock or regular printer paper. I found that even the stickers needed to be trimmed a bit. I would still use stickers if you make more than one set. Stick or glue to the center of the wooden disks. Paint with a coat of Mod Podge. If you have an ink jet, you may want to try a spray fixative.


These would be great on their own or as a part of the Station of the Cross eggs from CatholicIcing.com.   If you don’t mind making lots of them you could even put a few in a bag for littles to look at in church.   You can follow the same process for making saints tokens from his saint e-books, too.   That’s on my list next :).


Do you do the Stations of the Cross with your children?

Jen S.

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