Disclaimer: I received this book from a PR company in exchange for an honest review.

Ever read a book that didn’t have a clear purpose at first? My husband asked about this book I had been reading — It Had to Be You. And I took so long to answer he thought I didn’t hear him. This was my answer to him.

Well, I’m not sure yet. There is this girl whose brother just got signed to an NHL team and is doing the typical stupid rookie stuff.

That got him interested.

The captain is this bad boy brute kind of a guy. He’s one good hard hit from dying if he doesn’t watch himself. He has this friend with a daughter that was the recipient of a heart-transplant that lost his home and is having a bad time.

Then little bro goes out one night and practically loses an eye. While he’s in the hospital, she & the captain find a John Doe. An obit writer aspiring to more, she wants to track him down. And the little girl is rejecting her new heart, too.

Oh. And she kind of likes the captain, and he kind of likes her. That should be obvious, right?

That was all I had halfway through the book! It was a great book. I was thoroughly enjoying it. The characters were real, flawed, and had dimension. The setting of Minnesota, cold & hockey is pretty similar to Michigan, if a little more intense.

But there were a ton of sub stories and I wasn’t sure why they were there until the very end. And it was worth it. If you are one of those people whose favorite part of a trip is the journey, It Had to Be You would be a great book for you. The point is not immediately clear, but the trip is a good one.

Not super suspenseful, not super emotionally charged, it’s good reading before bed. Especially if you find that you get super immersed in whatever book you are reading like I do.

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