There are several ways to save money on your purchases even if you never buy a single newspaper. Here are my favorite ways to save on more than just groceries.

1. Ibotta

If you have a smart phone, the Ibotta app is a great way to save. Recently, they’ve been adding stores and are no longer just for groceries. In addition to grocery stores, they’ve added restaurants and home improvement stores. They even have offers at Sam’s Club which rocks because they don’t accept coupons. It’s simple to use. You look for offers on the app and complete things like taking a poll, reading something or sharing on social media. Once you’ve bought the item, scan your receipt & the item’s bar code. Voila.

2. Shopkick

Another smart phone app. Shopkick gives you points for shopping (with a linked card), walking into a store or simply scanning items. Redeem points for gift cards. JC Penney & Target are my two favorites. Easy & free.

3. Swagbucks

At home, use Swagbucks for all your searches. You can also earn points for printing coupons, buying things through Swagbucks, taking polls, watching videos and more. Also free & easy. I probably earn $25 a year just by searching on ONE of my computers and nothing else.

4. Store Apps

If your favorite stores have an app, download it to your phone to see if its worth it. Target? Totally worth getting the Cartwheel app. Joann’s & Michaels are too, since you can use electronic coupons that way. The Meijer’s app includes mPerks coupons and that one earns its space, too.

5. ShopAtHome

If you are shopping online, use a rebate program like ShopAtHome. Because hauling 3 littles to the stores is No. Fun. I do most of my shopping via ShopAtHome. I typically get a few percent back at most stores I shop at. During the Thanksgiving frenzy, most stores offered an extra percentage of cash back, and I earned $30 that week alone. I usually get $20-30 a quarter from them. It’s a quality site & I’ve used it for years.

Oh, and you can usually fill your cart, then go to ShopAtHome & enter the store through that link & then finish the purchase. I’ve also shopped on my phone, signed in to save the cart, and then gone to SAH on my computer to finish the transaction (you can’t get cash back on mobile devices).

6. RetailMeNot or Store Emails

If you subscribe to store emails you will always be the first to know about sales & coupon codes. most people suggest having a junk email address, but I use gmail & just filter them. If you have biffed your store emails, like I suggested a few weeks ago, check RetailMeNot for coupon codes for your favorite stores. Often ShopAtHome will have them, too.

7. Store website

If you are going to the store, check their site before you leave. Most major stores have a coupon you can print to use in store, too. Ditto for an online code. If its a grocery store, they may have coupons available on their website.

8. Loyalty cards

Most stores have a store loyalty program that will earn you points or coupons for $$ spent. Gymboree, The Children’s Place, Walgreens, CVS, and JCP have rewards programs, among others. Benefits are usually pretty good and most are free. Except book stores. Go figure.

9. Text coupons

I get text coupons from several places. Culver’s, Target, Meijer, and even the local pizza joint send text coupons.

10. Printable coupons

And lastly, there are some pretty good printable coupons out there for us poor schmucks who can’t get good inserts. There are usually some pretty great ones, too. Through Swagbucks you can earn points for redeemed coupons, but you can also go directly to, & SmartSource. If you eat organic or specialty foods, you can try the brands website. Mambo Sprouts also has coupons available, too.

BONUS: Hopster

Hopster is a coupon website where you can print coupons. You can also do things like share them to boost their value.


How do you save/earn money without clipping coupons?

Jen S.



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