I just finished Fatal Judgement by Irene Hannon, the first in her new Guardians of Justice series.   Wow!   I absolutely loved this book!

From the publisher:

U.S. Marshal Jake Taylor has seen plenty of action during his years in law enforcement. But he’d rather go back to Iraq than face his next assignment: protection detail for federal judge Liz Michaels. His feelings toward the coldhearted workaholic haven’t warmed in the five years since she drove her husband–and Jake’s best friend–to despair . . . and possible suicide.

As the danger mounts and Jake gets to know Liz better, he’s forced to revise his opinion of her. And when it becomes clear that an unknown enemy may want her dead, the stakes are raised. Because now both her life–and his heart–are in danger.

Full of suspense and romance, Fatal Judgment is a thrilling story that will keep you turning the pages late into the night.

I love mystery/suspense/intrigue kind of books but one thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t deal with the perversion & mental disturbances anymore.   This is a fabulous suspense novel that feels mainstream — the writing is great, the characters are real & she carries you effortlessly from scene to scene.   But I don’t feel dirty or bothered when I’m reading it.   I honestly didn’t know that was possible!

She weaves a compelling tale about political radicals & the state of our country today.   Hannon did a fabulous job of making it all feel realistic & has a thank you page of great sources who helped her accomplish that!   It was well worth the extra effort in getting the details believable.   It feels almost Tom Clancy-ish.   But less technical & shorter — more in line with my attention span for things like that.

I loved this book so much that I’m going to seek out her other books!   I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense novels.   If you are the type of person who might be put off by this genre published by a Christian company, don’t be!  This book is so fabulously written, you’d never know the difference (I know the prejudice is out there–I tend to have vestiges of it myself!).   Go, grab a copy.   You’ll read it cover to cover in days–and want more!

Do you have a favorite “clean” suspense/mystery author?   I’d love more recommendations!

Available January 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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  1. Irene Hannon
    29 January 2011 at 2:34 PM (8 years ago)

    Jen: Thank you for the fabulous review of my latest book! I have an interview coming out soon on shereads.org about how I try to write suspense without depravity or horror. And I did a guest blog post with a similiar theme on the RT Book Reviews blogspot not long ago. (http://www.rtbookreviews.com/rt-daily-blog/fbi-agents-detectives-and-marshals—oh-my). Thanks for appreciating this–and for taking the time to review my book. I really appreciate it! And thanks, too, for the comparison to Tom Clancy. I’m flattered!


    jen Reply:

    I loved it — thanks for stopping by!


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