The Bible Blueprint is a fantastic resource for anyone who may be a little intimidated by the bible or maybe just wants to know a little more about it. Joe Paprocki does an excellent job. I started reading one of those dummies or idiots books about the bible a few years ago and they made the same type of comparison of the Bible as a library, not a book, with breakdowns of the types of books the bible contains. There were several things about THIS particular book that set it apart for me.

First, it’s written on a very easy to understand and digest level. I see no reason that it couldn’t be a great homeschool resource for an upper elementary/junior high level. It even has reflection questions at the end which would spark some good discussion in a variety of settings. It’s very interactive and not preachy. In addition, it addresses the bible from a very Catholic point of view. Not only does Paprocki discuss how we view the Bible differently than protestant folks, but he also discusses how to discuss the bible with them. He also talks about not just reading the Bible but PRAYING the Bible with lectio divino.

Lastly, he doesn’t just leave you hanging! So many times I read a book that tries to teach me something on an introductory level and then just stops. At the end, he includes further tools for using the bible such as concordances, dictionaries, Vatican-approved versions and other books. I’m sure my husband is none to pleased that I’ve found yet another $200+ set of books to add to my wish list :).

The Bible Blueprint is an excellent book that makes the Bible accessible for all Catholics! I highly recommend it!

Thanks to Loyola Press for providing a copy of this book for review!

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