The (confirmed) winner of Mind Organization for Moms is Shirley who said

Why I need to be organized-Because I spend my time picking up after 12 people and at work 7 days a week, I do not seam to have time to get organized.


If you didn’t win, you can purchase your copy at Power of Moms for $40.    I do not write glowing reviews of products that I don’t love, so it’s safe to say that I LOVED this product.   If you missed it, check out my full review!

Also, stay tuned for my new series “Simplify Your House to Simply Live” where I will share tips and secrets to keeping your house & housework simple so that you can live your life with the people who matter most.  It will start the Wednesday after Easter so be sure to subscribe (via RSS or Email) so you don’t miss it!   You can also join us on Facebook and get the posts there!

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