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{Simplify} 30 Chores That 4 Year Olds Can Do or Help With

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I must confess that while I tend to expect a lot of my kids, I’ve never been one to make them clean up or do chores.  Until I had two little people making messes.  It was also kind of hard to teach them chores when I’d rather be reading books — mine or theirs!  As I’ve become more domestic, I’ve created a list of things that my oldest can help with.

- set table
- clear table
- help cook (mixing/dumping)
- unload dishwasher
- put away silverware & dishes they can reach
- take out compost
- mop
- sweep
- wipe off counters & table
- put away groceries
- help wash/dry dishes

Living Room
- use carpet sweeper for crumbs
- pick up and put away toys, books, DVD’s, etc.

- make bed
- put clothes away

- sort laundry for washing
- load washing machine
- transfer to dryer
- clean top of washer/dryer
- match up all socks
- fold kitchen linens
- fold hand towels & washcloths

- clean the walls
- mop floors
- clean fronts of cabinets/side of tub

- sweep deck/porch
- pick up sticks
- rake leaves

- get drinks for themselves or others
- get snacks for themselves pr others

Do your little ones have formal chores or do they just shadow you?


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Simplify Your Home To Simply Live – Inboxes

Several weeks ago I wrote about setting up paper systems that work for you.   I’m going to expound on that a little bit this month and this week, I’m going to talk about inboxes.  One of the things that greatly simplifies my life is having ONE inbox.  I have all my email accounts going to gmail (all 6 accounts), one inbox for all my paper (it gets HUGE), etc.

Every week, I try to process all my inboxes at least once so that none of them take an inordinate amount of time.   Here are some things that I consider “inboxes” or things that would make life easier if I dealt with them [at least] once a week.

  • voicemails
  • cameras (photos/videos)
  • email
  • social media
  • physical inbox

But before you can process everything, you need to condense things down into as few inboxes as possible.   Where are your clutter spots?

  • Kid’s backpacks
  • Diaper bag
  • Purse
  • Counter or Table
  • Bedside table
  • Dresser
  • Bathroom
  • Bookshelf

Think about the areas where paper usually collects.  Why are they there?   Can you make a habit to always empty <insert item here> in your inbox?  Do these things land there because you need to deal with them?   Put them in your inbox.    Is it because it’s a project you are working on?   Make a home for current projects.   Is it because you need to do something with it–soon?   Well, we will deal with those in the weekly review next week :).

For this week, try to put ALL your paper in one spot.   Then forget about it.   You will go through it during your weekly review.

Where are your paper clutter nightmares?



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Simplify Your Home to Simply Live – May Summary

There has been a LOT to think about for the last few weeks and so I’m going to take a break for the Memorial Day holiday so you can spend some time with your family.   If you want to think about the last several posts, here they are:

We will get back to working on taming the paper monster in June.  Our tentative schedule is:

6/1 – in-boxes
6/8 – weekly retreat/review
6/15 – scan/file
6/22 – weekly maintenance
6/29 – specialty/ someday/maybe

Until next week, enjoy your families and honor those who fought for our freedom!

Simplify Your Home to Simply Live: House Rules

This week is kind another kind of heavy week as far as thinking and pondering your life path and priorities.   In previous weeks, we have covered taking back your time, family mission statements and personal mission statements.  This week, we are going to talk about making house rules.

There are two reasons for this.  First, making house rules is a great first step in picking your battles.   You can’t fight about EVERYTHING, so these should be things worth picking fights over.  The second is, there are some super cute projects on the web that I wanted to share :).

You have your personal and family mission statements and it’s not hard to pick out your house rules as the detail of how your mission works.  Here is ours:

Thank God for this day, this family & this home.
Obey the first time.
Husband, love your wife.  Wife, support your husband.
Say grace.  Be thankful.  Eat together.  Clean up after yourself.
Have fun.  Be kind.  Ask first.  No fussing.  No whining.
Sing silly.  Dance crazy.  Laugh often.  Hug more.
Use your manners.  Yes, please.  No, thank you.
Resolve conflict daily.
Cheerfully serve others.
Give love, grace & mercy.
Too much tv is bad.  Too much reading is good.
Use nice words.  Ignore dirty ones.
Work hard.  Pray harder.
You’ve heard the expression, “Is this the hill you want to die on?”   Well, for our family, these are the things that are so important they should be addressed/lovingly corrected EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.   Other things I try not to nitpick about.  If I need to teach or model or whatever a new skill that’s one thing — these are a whole other beast.
So think about your hills.  What qualities do you want your child to have when he or she leaves home?   What qualities do you want your child’s future spouse to be glad you taught him/her?   What character traits do you value most in your family?   For us, this was the easiest one to do!
And once you’ve written them, keep them posted!  Here are some awesome examples I’ve seen on the web:
Are these not cool?   So many ideas, so little time…
Have you made rules for your home?  Do you display them?

Next week, we will take a break (for this series) for Memorial Day. See you in June!

Simplify Your Home to Simply Live: Personal Mission Statements

Last week, we worked on (or started, anyway) our Family Mission Statements.   This week, we are going to talk about PERSONAL Mission Statements.  I had you do a family mission statement first because if your family was going to be flexible and travel and you wanted to start college and go get your doctorate…well, the two don’t mesh well.

I’m also going to keep this one short because I got long winded last week and you may still be working on the Family Mission statement.   I do have breaks built in quite regularly so no fears about “falling behind.” :).

Why have one?

Having a personal mission statement help to direct your path and decide on opportunities that come your way.   If you have read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, it’s habit 2:  Begin with the end in mind.

How do I make one?

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here.  The best resource I have ever seen is from Inspire to Action.   Just subscribe to their RSS and there will be a link to a Mission Statements for Moms, a free ebook.  TOTALLY worth it.

Do you have one?

Yep, I wrote it before kids and I think it pretty much says it all.

To make a warm & happy home & family.
To help family, friends & neighbors.
To stay healthy & fit.
To read.  To learn.  To travel.
To have integrity in all that I do.
To be patient.  To be faithful.  To set an example.
To pray.

Do you have a mission statement?

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