So we are starting our new school year soon and while we did some fun unit study & review items last month, we are going to ease into the school year slowly so we don’t waste what little nice weather we get!

Classical-Charlotte Mason Curriculum for K4

Miss Lady will turn 5 in October. She probably have qualified for Young Fives when I was in school. I’m going to call it K4. I don’t think she is ready for full on academics, nor does she want them. Plus, she is very hands-on. Ugh. Lucky for me, she is also fairly auditory and loves to be read to :).

From the publisher

Bible – Bible Study Guide for All Ages

We loved reviewing Bible Study Guide for All Ages and I hope to pick it back up again for both girls. At different levels, of course.


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Memoria Press Kindergarten

I’ve decided to go easy on myself this year and so I am doing Memoria Press for both girls.  We need more structure, and I need less stress so we are using most of it as recommended, with the dictation & narration practice, plus read-alouds, art study, and science.


Reading – Foundations A

I’m not sure if she will be ready to read this year, but I still have Foundations A in my back pocket & will try it in January. In the meantime, we will read a ton & work on letter sounds with the Doodling Dragons book.  This is in place of the MP Phonics program (that I reviewed earlier here).


2015-08-01 09.16.07

Math – MP & Critical Thinking Co.

I did buy the Numbers workbooks from Memoria Press and we will do those, but I will not use Rod & Staff.  I have a copy of Mathematical Reasoning from Critical Thinking Company and I think that will be my secondary “text” when we aren’t working in the Numbers books.

She could access the K materials in CTC, but she is banned from the computer for deleting EVERY SINGLE EBOOK off of my drive.


Song School Spanish

Foreign Language – Song School Spanish

The principal recently added a foreign language to our day and so she will be listening in on the CD’s and joining in our spanish around the house talk.   I also purchased Classically Catholic Memory Beta and we will be memorizing some Latin and dabbling in some French, too (I have Little Pim’s French DVD’s and other things).  Exposure and fun, nothing too intense.  Like everything else, she will pick it up by hearing it and seeing it other places :).


Religion – Mater Amabilis

For her catechism/Catholic teaching, we are using the book recommendations from Mater Amabilis, the Catholic equivalent of Ambleside Online.  I decided to use a boxed curriculum (mostly) this year, but still love CM.  Using those book lists for bible/religion was the perfect solution for us.



Plus she will sit in on all of her sisters assignments and we have lots of fun books on our to read wish lists so she will get exposure to much more than just HER school.  Because really, who can resist listening to a good story?  No one!

Anyway, that is the K4 portion of our plan that includes third grade and 2 year old boy. Heaven help us! We like to read so even if I do nothing more than read her a bunch of books, do some memorization and try to include her in other work, I think we will have a successful year.

Do you have a child right on that line between being eligible for Kindergarten & not? What do you do?

Jen S.

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