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Recently, Kregel Publications sent us a copy of their new release, Bible Dominoes.  They have provided some of our favorite religious children’s books, including Simon of Cyrene and The Tree Trees.  We are just as delighted with Bible Dominoes as we have been with the rest of their offerings.

Bible Dominoes for Preschool

Bible Dominoes are perfect for children ages 2 or 3 to Kindergarten.  The set consists of 28 HEAVY-DUTY cardboard dominoes.  You would have to work hard to bend them.  They are beautifully illustrated and designed.  The backs are rainbow colored and the tops teach numbers from 0-5 and colors using bible stories pictures.  Each number has a different color background as well as several depictions of the number.  For example, three has the number, the word, and a set of three pictures.

My almost two & almost five year olds love these bible story dominoes the most.  The two year old helps hold & place the tiles.  My four year old understands how to play.  My 7 year old loves to play with everyone else because they are so pretty and she likes to do what everyone else is doing :).


You do need a fair amount of floor or table space because they are fairly large.  Each domino is about 3 x 6 inches.  The set also includes a small booklet with a short bible story of the images pictured on the tiles.  If you read bible stories, your children will probably be familiar with the stories of Noah, Moses, Jonah, and more.


Bible Dominoes would make a great gift for a baptism anniversary or Christmas for a 3-5 year old, 2 if they have siblings and like to play with others :).  I’m kind of bummed all my Godchildren are older because these are great.  I really needed great religious gift ideas for that 2-3-4 age range.

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