Disclaimer:  This I received a discount for sharing this, but trust me, I would not be sharing it if I were not buying it.  It totally rocks that much.  If you decide to spring for it, I get a discount supporting my social media & blogging addiction. Thanks for your support!


Okay, so I consider myself a kind of a part-time blogger.  I want to make a little money from it (someday!), but not at the expense of my life.  I have three kids, work and homeschool.  That doesn’t leave me a ton of time.  I am (ever so) slowly working through Elite Blog Academy and just got back into planning the summer months when I ran across CoSchedule.

Go ahead, watch it.  I’ll wait.  Did you watch it?   Good.  Does CoSchedule not look like the most awesome thing ever?

coschedule social media schedule

I’ve been using it for about 10 days now and it not only solved my social media sharing problem (my reader and buffer are not playing nice so none of my posts have been shared anywhere for weeks…grrr), but allowed me to share the post the day of, the next day, a week later, a month later and even a year later in minutes.  I’d show you MY screenshots for these, but my stats are pretty lame and I don’t have a ton scheduled yet since it’s so new.


CoSchedule is super easy to use and literally took minutes to set up (maybe 20 — 5 per social media account).  Every blog post takes literally minutes to schedule sharing for the next MONTH.



You can even edit parts the blog post itself (or click to edit the WHOLE post) from the CoSchedule editorial calendar so you can SEE what you have scheduled and when.  I’ve been using a free plugin for this, but this one works just as well plus it has the added benefit of a drafts folder for unscheduled things you can just plug in.

coschedule top posts

And as a final awesome feature, it will show you your top posts.  But not the top posts in terms of traffic.  The top posts in terms of social media shares.  Your “viral” posts.  You can go in and schedule more to make your shared posts even more shared!

CoSchedule literally saving me SO MUCH time that it allows me to blog like a full-time blogger but keeps me very much at my part time work load.  That alone is worth every penny.  And I’ll probably be paying by the year because that saves me a bit more.

So if you are a blogger, too, and have an income or a little bit of $$ to spare, CoSchedule is the most awesome tool ever for WordPress and the first I have PAID to use.  It’s that good.   And if you click on my referral link, that helps discount my habit ;).

Are you a blogger?  Share your link in the comments so I can come visit!  I’ll even comment ;).

Jen S.

P.S. Part of my grown-up blogger fun is that I will be getting a new template up and running sometime in the next month or two.  It will be clean but girly.  So excited!



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