I spend a LOT of time reading about children and writing about children.  Why?  Because I have 3 and have no idea what I’m doing!

Top 5 - Kids

If that sounds familiar, you might benefit from these top 5 tips about kids from my blog as well as a few resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 that I either already have or want to read.

Baby-clothing-sizes copy

This post with baby clothing size chart printable is my most popular post EVER!   If baby clothing sizes make you crazy, this makes it easy.

100 Things Summer-2

While summer is the best time of the year, sometimes it can be the longest time of year.  Eventually, the kids even get sick of the outdoors and even the beach or pool.  Then what?   Here is a list of 100 things to do in summer, either as a family or even with your hubs or a friend.


There are several resources in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for/about kids — there are faith resources for kids, guides to teaching kids and a smattering of homeschool materials.  I am most looking forward to reading The Busy Mom’s Guide to Teaching Character (pictured on the shelf above), Write through the Bible, and My Practices of Mothering.   Just those three books are $21.96 if purchased separately.   With the bundle being only $8.03 more and including a free box from Green Kid Crafts?   Well, everything else is like gravy!  Find out what else is included and how to purchase!

One year, I got exceptionally crafty and make a fabulous happy birthday banner from scrapbook paper & ribbon.  No printer ink or anything else fancy or expensive.  It was beautiful & cheap.  I don’t include directions, but I shared where *I* found instructions.

House Rules Subway Art webcopy

I put this popular free house rules subway art printable under kids because, really, who needs rules when there are no kids?  ‘Nuff said.


I should share more about birthdays because even though I don’t do huge birthday parties, they are apparently pretty popular :).  This was about a tropical/Lilo & Stitch themed birthday party and includes several free printables for stickers, the banner and more.



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