I have been totally in need of working on sharing marriage fun on the blog lately.  Probably because I haven’t been doing much of it in real life.

Top 5 - Marriage


Between winter dragging on into eternity and having my hormones out of whack and the kids being sick, I’m just weary.  And everyone has suffered, not just the hubs.  Maybe I should just check out my own oldies but goodies :D!


During the 31 Days series one year, I shared 31 Days of Serving Your Spouse using all 5 love languages.  You are sure to find a few quick and easy tips that scream love ;).

5-ways-improve-marriage copy

This post lists 5 simple ways to improve your marriage.  No muss, no fuss.   But sometimes getting out of your own way is essential…


Since most homemakers are married, it makes sense to have a few resources for marriage in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.   This years bundle includes 3 resources I can’t wait to use to spice up my marriage — 50 Frugal Dates (pictured above), 25 Days to a Happier Home (since I set the tone, for better or worse!), and the Sweet Life Planner (it has great goals and tracking pages to make sure I remember to be intentional…like not getting to his letter of the month club for Feb…or March…or this month- yet).   Those 3 resources alone are worth $47.98 and the WHOLE BUNDLE is only $29.97.  Go here to see all 100 ebooks, printables, ecourses and bonuses in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2015 or buy yours today.  The sale ends Monday, April 27, 2015 so jump on it now if you are interested!

thank you

The most popular post from the 31 Days to Serving Your Spouse Series, was the simplest — to thank your spouse.   Tell him thank you for everything he does…


If you are looking for a way to get together more than every once in a while or his birthday is you know, tomorrow, check out this year of dates package from Dating Diva’s.  The ideas were cute but we only did about 1/2 of them; we didn’t have a baby sitter that year and business was crazy.   The baseball date was our favorite and I shared more here.

Date Ideas for Busy Parents

Finally, I shared several months of date ideas for busy parents — there are fancy, expensive dates, cheap/free dates and at home dates every single month.  They are usually pretty benign, but hint at the obvious for a married couple with children.  LOL!


What are your favorite marriage tips or resources?

Jen S.

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