The fact that my blog is called Happy Little Homemaker is almost a little tongue in cheek.  You see, I want a beautiful home.  I want a clean and organized home.  But not as much as I want to read books :).

Top 5 - Homemaking

So I’ve been on a hunt for the easiest, most efficient or simply best way to do certain things.  Here are a few of my best/favorite homemaking posts as well as some resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 that I’m looking forward to getting new tips from.

camper-storage copy

Really, this photo says it all.   This post on pop-up camper storage is a quick, down & dirty post about how closet organizers are fabulous for organizing pop-up campers.

Set up a home management notebook

Okay, no photo header for this one, but I probably should do that since it’s such a popular post.   My whole life, is run based on the advice of the book, A Mother’s Rule of Life, by Holly Pierlot.  In fact, you will notice that my blog is set up this way, with the 5 priorities of women being God, self, marriage, kids and homemaking.   I also share a series on setting up your household notebook according to these categories.  Though I no longer have  a print book, Evernote is my e-home management binder :).



Since I am pretty domestically challenged, I have a ton of resources from the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015, that I need to take the time to dig into.  First is the {De}Clutter Buddies e-course pictured above, Simply Clean Home, Drowning in Clutter and the Simple Home Handbook.   Do you see a theme here?  I spend most of my time shuffling stuff.

Those 4 items alone would normally cost $42.92 and I get those plus 96 other e-books, courses and bonuses for only $29.97.   If there are areas you are trying to work on (or know you need to), I urge you to check out this bundle.  I purchase it every year and every year I find some new tip or trick that saves me at least $30 of aggrivation or heartache, if not actual $$.  Do NOT delay!  The sale ends tonight, Monday April 27 and once it’s over, it’s over.  These bundles DO NOT come back.   Check out the full contents and details of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2015 at this post today!


Heart-Shaped Cakes Called Torta Helada

(The above pic is not for the recipe in question, FYI.) One of my most popular recipes looks like it’s beautiful and complicated.  But it’s my not.  My mom used to make it a lot, but I haven’t.   Mostly because we don’t feed the kids a ton of sweets, hubs doesn’t eat jello and we never have enough people around to make it without me having to eat an entire pan of it.   It’s beautiful and fabulous for spring parties…someone on flickr had a pic, though, and had cc permissions on it.  So go check out this easy but beautiful ribbon jello recipe!

make ahead breakfast casserole

This make-ahead breakfast casserole recipe was stolen from my friend Amy and it is the bomb!   The dry mustard is the key to it’s egg-y, sausage-y yumminess.  Is that a word?   Anyway, it’s awesome for holidays, potlucks or anytime you want a hardy, filling dish but don’t want to have rubbery eggs or quiche.

sugar cookies for dummies

Obviously, I cook more than I clean :).  This fairly new post was for Sugar Cookies for Dummies.  I finally found a sugar cookie recipe I couldn’t screw up and royal frosting, too!   Hubby loves these and the girls love being able to make them even if grandma isn’t around.


What home management area do you struggle with most?

Jen S.

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