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This month, I found so many great books that I will be sharing them all in my full post. I kid you not we read 7 books for this saint all in a row. And I got a new one later in the week. The saint picture book club for March is:

St. Patrick!

saint patrick book club

We had several good books already and we also bought a few new ones so I had several to pick from. The kids picked one new book and one old one from our stash.

Here are their recommendations:

New to Us- Patrick: Saint of Ireland

This is a beautifully told factual story of saint Patrick. I loved Patrick: Saint of Ireland because it wasn’t s fact-filled textbook, but a beautifully told story. There is a lot of text on the page, but it’s so well presented that littler ones may not notice. It was unanimously voted the best new book in our home. It’s well worth the investment!

Beloved Favorite – St. Patrick’s Day

This is a book that really bridges the gap between secular and religious. St. Patrick’s Day starts out with a short page about the holiday and goes right into the actual story of Saint Patrick. Then it shares how people in the US & Ireland celebrate. It ends with a handful of different legends of St. Patrick.

It wouldn’t be MY first choice, but the kids do like it :). I’ll show you ALL of our St. Patrick’s Day books the week before St. Patrick’s Day. I will also share a full review of a cute Saint Patrick book I received for review.


Also, if you are a fan of corned beef, you HAVE to brine your own corned beef. If you can’t get brisket, a regular roast will work just fine. Be sure to start it by 3/7!

Are you in for this month?

Jen S.

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