As I mentioned with my preschooler, I totally changed back to a book-centered approach to learning. The curriculum approach was putting me in box checking mode & switching to books (that I read aloud) has been much more enjoyable and less stressful for all of us. We also switched from an every subject, every day schedule and find that we get much more done because we don’t have to stop & switch gears just when it gets interesting.

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Here are our mid-year curriculum changes for second grade.


We dropped Bible Study for All Ages due to time and kept using Faith & Life 2. We did switch from the physical books to MyCatholicFaithDelivered, an online version of the text & workbook.

Language Arts

We dropped Essentials as our language arts curriculum. I loved it, she hated it. We went back to First Language Lessons, but I haven’t come up with a good way to make sure we do it regularly. I have not added grammar or spelling in yet. I’m hoping that copywork and good literature will help. I’m also hoping to get in on a spelling product slated for spring on the crew ;).


Honestly, we never really got to science. We got rid of all our science books and switched to reading the Burgess Seashore Book (finished last month) and the Burgess Animal Book.

We have also been doing nature study weekly. Outside! All of us! When we come inside, we park it in front of the fireplace to warm up and turn on a related episode of Wild Kratts, the Magic School Bus, and/or the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. We also have a year of Magic School Bus lab kits she has been working on.


We also switched back to Story of the World (Volume 1) and quit doing the Veritas History. She was doing awful on the tests because they we so date specific. I frankly don’t care if she knows dates and she was retaining a lot, especially where people are concerned. I think seeing the giant FAILED every time she didn’t pass was getting her a little down. So we are reading several chapters of SOTW (sometimes aloud and to herself) and taking the tests.


We have been adding lapbooks, for any subject applicable. Right now, we are doing one as part of her Music Appreciation curriculum. I also have a pocket book on Ancient Civilizations that we are doing with history and a seasons pocket book as part of Science.

Charlotte Mason

I have gone back to my inclinations to CM also (Indecisive much? Man!). I am working on adding poetry, hymn study, Shakespeare and things like that. When I figure it out, I’ll be sure to share :).


How about you? Did you make any mid-year curriculum changes?

Jen S.


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