While I don’t air much of my “dirty laundry” very much on this blog, I’m finding that this particular Christmas season is shaping up to be almost as basic as the one in which I was still in the midst of morning sickness.  I found out yesterday that my hormone levels are pretty crazy low and I’ve got the start of some adrenal fatigue.   While I wait for things to start kicking in, I am scaling back in a big way.

Maybe you don’t need to scale back due to health reasons.  Maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed by life in general and adding the Christmas season to it is pushing you over the edge.  Or your budget is busted and pressure is on.   Or family is pulling you in too many directions.

Help is here.


Ruth is having a 12 Days to a Stress Free Holiday Challenge.  Every day you will get a new video about calming down your holiday season AND you get a beautiful little planner to help you keep it short and sweet.   It’s designed to get you thinking about prioritizing the most important things for the Christmas season.

Sound good?   Join the 12 Days to a Stress Free Holiday Challenge.

Are you in?

Jen S.

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