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I am a reader. There is a constant flow of books coming into and leaving our home. It’s what I do when I need a few minutes to myself. At those times where I just need to relax a little, a Christian or historical romance is where I go. I recently received a copy of Where Treetops Glisten for review.

Where Treetops Glisten is a set of three Christmas themed novellas set in WWII by Tricia Goyer, Sarah Sundin and Cara Putman. I hadn’t noticed it while reading them, but each story is named after a (now) well-known Christmas carol that was released in WWII. The back is full of fascinating information about how the book came to be and how they worked together. It was fascinating. For a wannabe writer, it was the best part ;)!

In White Christmas, a skittish college student (Abigail) runs into a young man on the bus and quickly discovers that he is having some troubles weighing him down. Always eager to help, she brings him home to get advice from her father. Money has been disappearing and his mother is going to lose the farm. This short story covers the story of them falling in love and discovering what happened to all the missing money.

Pete (Abigail’s brother) comes back on furlough and is kind of dead inside. In I’ll Be Home for Christmas, He finds a precocious young child roaming around alone. Escorting her home, he discovers that she is the daughter of the girl next door he bullied as a youth. Because of her child’s impulsiveness, she has run out of sitters and he volunteers to help. Over time, she discovers he has changed and time and a possible tragedy averted bring them together on Christmas.

The last story, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, is about Paul & Abigail’s sister Merry. In Florida training to be an Army nurse, she falls in love with a German who disappears. Stationed in Germany, she is disturbed to find one of the villagers studying her. Turns out she is stationed in the same village as the man who disappeared. But is he for…or friend?

While all 3 stories are classified as novellas, they were just as enjoyable as full length novels. The stories were delightful and while Christmas played a part in each, it wasn’t overwhelming in any of the stories making Where Treetops Glisten suitable for any time of year (unless you hate all things Christmas). It was a highly enjoyable book.

If you are looking for an upbeat holiday book to sneak between your moments of holiday chaos, Where Treetops Glisten is an awesome pick! I give it 4.5/5 stars.

Jen S.

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