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My kids love exploring lift the flap books so when I was offered the chance to review a new lift the flap style book from Lion Books, Look Inside: The Time of Jesus, I was excited to have a biblical book like this for them to explore.

Look Inside: The Time of Jesus is a beautiful gift quality hardcover book with 9 two pages spreads about what life was like when Jesus was alive.  The spreads cover:

  •  the first Christmas,
  • a synagogue and carpenter’s workshop in Nazareth,
  • fishing in Capernaum,
  • farming and shepherding in the hills of Galilee,
  • homes of the wealthy and everyday people,
  • the temple in Jerusalem,
  • the way of the cross, and
  • the first Easter.


The illustrations are engaging and the flaps aren’t always “educational” but are pretty funny sometimes.  Slapstick humor is good for 4 year olds :).  There is not a ton of text, a paragraph on each page and occasional snippets around flaps.

It’s a good book for discussion and exploration, making it useful for both long and short attention spans.  The knowledge shared about life in those times was good, though I did disagree with one item.  In the temple it said Jesus was angry that the widow felt she had to give money.  Which isn’t how I learned it; I learned that she was upheld as en example of trusting God by giving him everything.  But that can be skipped or better explained.  I’ve done both :).

Other than that, it’s a lovely book.  Both my 6.5 & 4 year old have been exploring it — alone, together and with me.  It’s been a great addition to our library.

If you have a child who loves lift the flap books or are looking for a religious gift for a 4-8 year old, Look Inside: The Time of Jesus would be a great pick. It’s a beautiful book & we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!

Jen S.

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