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Legend of the Candy Cane Board Book Review

My kids are in HEAVEN because we’ve had several Christmas books to review. In our house, there is a rule that daddy & I do not read “out of season” books. They were extra excited to see The Legend of the Candy Cane hit our bookshelf!

The Legend of the Candy Cane we received was in board book format and is about 9×10. It’s the story of a man who comes to town and sets to work on a shop. No one knows what’s going on and finally a little girl asks if she can help. They set up the candy store and she asks him about the candy canes; she’s never seen one before. He tells her the story and they go door to door, sharing candy canes and the story and inviting them to come to a grand opening on Christmas Eve.

The Legend of the Candy Cane Review - inside

All my kids loved this story. My 16 month old delighted in pointing out the dog on every page. My 4 year old liked it the best. I think the 6 year old would have preferred it in paperback. I liked this story because I was well told and Christ-centered. Secular Christmas stories are irritating :). The illustrations are colorful & beautiful to look at. I saw it at Sam’s club last week, so if you frequent one, you will probably be able to flip through it there.

If you are looking for some new Christ centered Christmas books for your advent book list/pile/basket, The Legend of the Candy Cane¬†would be an excellent addition to your family’s library!

Do you like books that take popular “icons” and tell the Christian story behind them?

Jen S.

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