You have people coming over in 5 minutes. Yikes! The house is a mess and you can only do one thing before they come. What do you do first?

Clean the bathroom! It’s one room that everyone has standards for. There are apps for finding clean restrooms for a reason :).

Here is how to make your five minutes count.

1. Pre-clean

Let the toilet start cleaning itself–put the toilet bowl cleaner in before you start the rest of the bathroom.

2. Counters

Clear off your counters and give them a good swipe. I love the Methods AntiBac Bathroom cleaner. It’s wonderfully minty smell helps your bathroom smell fabulous without the chemical smells of most cleaners. Oh, and only replace the essentials. Clear = clean.

3. Mirrors

Clean the mirrors next. Why? Because its likely you will spray counter cleaner on the mirror while cleaning the counter. Time needed? 30 seconds. Seriously.

4. Toilet

Spray & swipe the outside, lid, seat & bowl brim. Start at the top, then move to the lid, seat & sides. Finally, get out the toilet brush & scrub the inside.

5. Hand towel

Finally, check the hand soap and put out a clean hand towel.



When the doorbell rings, your home may look lived in, but clean thanks to a good impression where cleanliness matters most– the bathroom.


Jen S.


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