The weather has started to turn cold already and while I’m still hoping for an Indian Summer, I’m not counting on it. Now that we are back from our vacation, we are in full on winter preparation mode. Here are 3 fall cleaning tasks that you may have put off too long.

1. Furnace Tune Up

Have you EVER done one? If you haven’t, I would schedule one before the furnace guy’s schedule fills up. Why? Think of it like going to the dentist. It’s better to get a filling done before it gets so big that you are prepared to get pliers & pull the tooth out yourself (or pay emergency heating rates). They will check for corrosion, gas leaks, to be sure you fan motor is working properly and more. When you call to schedule, ask for a list. And the $30 Groupon check is NOT going to be the same as the $200 check.

2. Vacuum Ductwork

Have you ever vacuumed out the heat ducts? Me neither. But I have 3 kids. So join me in giving them a good vacuum this fall. I hate to dust, so if I vacuum out the ducts, I can reduce the dust, at least in theory. You hate dusting, too? Replace your furnace filter monthly. It will help your furnace run more efficiently, too.

3. Windows & Screens

Maybe you are more on top of things than I am and clean your windows regularly, but chances are its been a good long while since they’ve had a good deep cleaning. Are the inside sills clean? How about the screens? Have you washed those lately? Now that there is no more pollen flying, it would be a great time to get the windows & screens cleaned to let what little winter light there is, in! Since you won’t be opening windows in sub zero temps the sills will be clean for long enough to feel good :). While there, check for drafts and fix any you come across.


Fall Cleaning List


Feeling ready to take on more seasonal cleaning?  You can download the complete list by clicking the image above.  If you are short on time, visit my post at Homemaker’s Challenge — Quick & Easy Fall Cleaning Tasks.

Jen S.

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