Before I had kids, I was a duel-certified personal trainer, black belt workout junkie. Then I had kids. I’m up to 3 now, from ages 6 to 1. Over the years, I’ve had to find several creative strategies for fitting in exercise with multiple little ones.

Some of those years are leaner than others, in both friendship & money, so I’ve tried things on various budgets & with various amounts of help. Hopefully you will find an idea that might work for you.

First thing

Once the babies settle into a routine (around 6 months or so), you may find that they are up for the day & are content for about 20 minutes. I used to put Itty Bitty in her play gym and use a 20 minute DVD. She ALMOST lasted through the stretching :).

Quiet time

Is there a time when all the kids are all quiet? Nap time? Just after lunch? Is there a natural lull in your day?  A few months ago, mine happened to be at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, right after the baby woke up from his nap. I put him in his jumpy thing and the girls each get a corner of the living room to watch me do an exercise DVD and join in, too!


A good stroller is worth its weight in gold. A 2-kid jogger, if you can swing it, is soooo nice. If not, the oldest can walk, the middle can go in a stroller & the youngest can be in a sling. I walked a mile every day like this with #1 & #2.  There are also classes using a stroller as well as stroller exercise routines from FitDeck.

The Playground

take your kids to a playground. And then play, too! You can either simply play with them, or do an exercise routine using the playground equipment. I love the FitDeck Playground Expansion Pack for this.


I have a small library of exercise DVD’s from my exercise junkie days and love to use those. There are also online classes, YouTube videos, the library or even friends.


With all the other responsibilities moms (and especially homeschool moms) have, exercise can seem like luxury.  Exercise is good for your physical AND mental health, as well as your marriage.  Plus, it sets a good example for your kids–they do what you DO, not what you preach.

Remember to start small and slow and build up. If you are too whipped to even start, get a physical–many moms are low on iron & other nutrients and aren’t even aware of it.  Find something you love to do & be creative about making it happen!

How do you make time for exercise with your littles?

Jen S.

Need more ideas?  Stay tuned for 6 MORE ways to fit in exercise with little kids!

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