I am one of those sedentary people.   Meaning, given the choice I would sit at my computer or curl up with a book all. day. long.   So in order for me to get exercise, I need to be intentional about it and Have A Plan.  Here are 6 more ways I have tried to fit in Planned Exercise with a house full of little bittys.  You can see the other 5 strategies for fitting in exercise with young children here.


Stolen Moments – I have been known to do push ups while playing with my baby. I’ve also ran up stairs, done jumping jacks, squats, lunges & more. For ideas, I love the 10 minute workout videos, the 10 minute routines at Fitness magazine & FitDeck cards.

Time swap – My daughter came up with this idea after I told her why we wouldn’t be returning to the gym ($10 a session for just the childcare!). Perhaps you and a friend could swap exercise play dates. One day you go to her house & you both exercise. The other day, you host. Or whatever arrangement you and your buddy work out.

After work – if you don’t have a network of friends & family, I have been known to hand hubby the baby as he walks in the door and go for a run. Or do whatever else you like to do :).

A Gym – This may or may not be in your budget, but we considered it a health care expense for many years.  If you can’t find a gym with childcare, is there a YMCA in the area? Family memberships frequently include free (or discounted) kids activities and childcare.

Family Activities – Perhaps the easiest way to get in activity is to get everyone involved. Biking (with trailers & bike seats as necessary), walking, hiking, skiing, skating, snowshoeing, making snowmen, swimming, rollerblading, wagon rides…really, this could be anything outside that you like to do.  Even gardening, yard work or home improvement projects (think clean up crew!) could count!

Homeschool PE Curriculum – If you are a homeschooler (or even if you are not), there are several Phys. Ed. Curriculums out there — make sure to do it with them whenever possible! I’ve used both Family Time Fitness & Dr Crafts Active Play Books.


I’m sure that there are some strategies I haven’t tried yet.   How have you managed to fit traditional exercise into your day?


Jen S.

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