Have you heard of the Little Flowers Girls Club?   We just finished our first year.



If you’ve ever wished for an alternative to Girl Scouts or wished for a character curriculum for young Catholic girls, I’d like to introduce you to the Little Flower Girls Club.

The Little Flower Girls Club is an organization for Catholic girls from ages 5 and up. Like other programs, girls can earn badges for completing activities of virtue. There are 4 wreaths of study and each wreath has 10 flowers, or virtues. Through the catechism, the saints, the bible, and even virtue stories, they learn about things like patience, love of neighbor and obedience.

You can read all of my post about how the Little Flowers Girls Club works at CatholicMom.com.

Do you have experience with the Little Flowers Girls Club?  What is your favorite part about it?

Jen S.

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