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So last year for Christmas, I decided to get my husband a Lingerie a Month club in addition to A Year of Dates. I found THE perfect way to do it — Adore Me.

Adore Me has a monthly lingerie subscription service. For $39.95 a mo, you can select your choice from their showroom that changes every month. You can get fun things like corsets or costumes, bathing suits in summer, bra & panty sets, or miscellaneous other things.

Because of the ghastly state of my bra & undie wardrobe, I decided it made good sense. My old stuff was all stretched out or worn out from the pregnancy & postpartum period. Even the okay pieces I had didn’t fit because I lost 20 lbs or so due to a diet change. I needed to replace them at some point anyway.

While $39.99 is a little high for a bra and underwear set, there were a few reasons why I decided it was worth it.

Better Shopping Experience

Have you ever tried to shop for clothes with three small kids? Especially underwear & bras? Adore Me’s lingerie showroom is designed for you each month–with limited choices. Twenty minutes & you are done. Most of that time is spent deciding between your favorites!


Better Budgeting

Since everything I had needed to be replaced, I could have gone my regular route of buying 4-6 items and rotating them until they were past their prime. Buying one set a month was easier on the budget.

Better Wear

I usually rotate between 2-4 bras at a time and they wear out fairly quickly because they get a ton of use. Especially whatever the current favorite is. But having many means that they wear much less quickly and offers the potential for several favorites.  Plus, they don’t all wear out at the same time like they do when I buy them all at once.


………………Pation. When I first started getting the shipments sent, I wasn’t sure how well either of us would like it. I figured the anticipation factor could be fun. Hubby knows something new is coming, once a month. He doesn’t know when (doesn’t pay attention, really) or what.  In fact, just the other night, hubby (who has long thought lingerie was stupid) said it was the most fabulous present I’ve ever gotten him.

Plus when it comes, you can make anticipation there, too. Text him a pic of the box, or you in it, or a close up shot of the fabric. You could open it together, save it for a date or surprise him. The opportunities for creating anticipation are fab!


Better quality

I’ve gotten packages from Adore Me for 7 months now plus an extra and I love the quality of the items. I’ve tried corsets, costumes, bathing suits and sets in those packages and they are all beautiful & well made. Exchanges are easy and painless and their sizing is consistent within their line.

Better design

The items available from Adore Me are super cute. You won’t really find a basic nude, black or white tshirt bra here. It’s more frilly. And there are lots of push up bras. They are made to help you look good. And while hubby always loves how you look, it’s an opportunity to really knock his socks off, which is fun to do ;).



The only downfall you may experience is this — sizing. If you are frustrated in lingerie stores due to small sizing, you will probably have the same problem at Adore Me. I wear a size 6 now, and the bra size is accurate, but the corset is an XL and other non-bra items are a L. Totally different than my small M in skirts, shirts, and pants. It’s pickier due to the more intimate fit.  They do have items in “plus sizes,” though if you are anything like me, buying “plus sizes” when you are a 10 or 12 can be hard to swallow. Just an item to note.


So, if your hubby has a birthday or anniversary coming up, consider making up a Lingerie of the Month club package for him. Here is an awesome Gift of the Month Club printable you can use from The Dating Divas for your monthly gift.

Do you wear fancy underwear or is it “servicable city” in your lingerie drawer?

Jen S.

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