This year, I am going to make an effort to do a little school with Itty Bitty (4). She is about equally tactile/kinesthetic and auditory. Her school will be totally different from Lil Bit’s PreK year. That being said, here are the things I’m going to try this year.

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I haven’t fully figured this out yet, but I’m going to try Raising Rock Stars Preschool and Catholic ABC’s. we will probably also use some of the many books floating around our house & Tell Me About the Faith for Small Children.



I will (slowly) start out with Logic of English Foundations A and see if she enjoys it. If she does, we will work through a lesson a week. If not, we will try it again in the spring.



I bought Saxon Math K. She is very hands on and I think she will love the chance to play with all the math manipulatives. My only concern is her maturity to listen and follow directions. But it’s really only twice a week, so it will be good practice.


Literature & Such

Itty Bitty LOVES to read and so we are going to use our monthly book topic list. I also bought the Memoria Press Jr Kindergarten curriculum which has guided book discussions each week. When I bought the book for this used, they also included some of the other books and I might use some of them. We will also being doing monthly themes as part of the Poppins Book Nook.


Clifford’s Big World

We got a few sample issues of Clifford’s Big World last school year and she was excited to have her own newspaper, so we will get this, too.

Critical Thinking

I bought several workbooks from the Critical Thinking Co that we never used & some of them are appropriate for PreK. Since nearly all use manipulatives and she loves hands on work, we might dig these out on bored days, too.


So that’s my loosey goosey plan for preschooling my loosey goosey girl.

You can see our other preschool year curriculum here.  And what didn’t work for us in preschool here.


Do you have resources for preschooling very active children?


Jen S.


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  1. Jennifer Altman
    28 July 2014 at 7:40 AM (6 years ago)

    We used Saxon K with prek in the past, lessons are short so should work well. Thanks for linking up!


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