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My kids love books of all kinds.  I think they know the regular USPS & UPS folks by name.  When the our package from Kinder Cottage Publishing appeared and they realized it was for them, they tore it open and retreated to the book corner post haste.  And proceeded to bring me these books every day, when I announced story time.

Kinder Cottage Publishing

Kinder Cottage Publishing is a small family owned company who publishes quality children’s books that help families educate their young children in literature, history, and culture.  From their catalog of children’s book, we were sent a copy of Peter Rabbit at the Farm and How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea.  When Peter Rabbit was first created in England, the Henry Altemus Company published the first stories of the much beloved character after the creators failed to file for a copyright.

Now in the public domain, Kinder Cottage Publishing has published 10 of the US printed Peter Rabbit stories in beautiful hardback form with the original illustrations.  Each book retails for $4 on their website or you can get the set of 10 for $30.  Also, for a limited time, they are offering our readers a discount of 20% with code TOS.

Peter Rabbit at the Farm

Peter Rabbit at the Farm had a different side of Peter than I’m used to seeing.  He actually did something helpful and smart!   Of course, once he helped with the pond, he went on a grand tour of Mr. McGregor’s farm and got into some typical Peter Rabbit scrapes :).

How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea

How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea is the fourth Peter Rabbit book reprinted by Kinder Cottage books and its our favorite of the two we were sent.  Like most Peter Rabbit stories, Peter Rabbit goes off and gets himself into trouble.  He manages to play quasi-nicely (if busting into mom’s popcorn stash and playing with matches can be considered nice) until he gets it into his head to be a pirate.  He builds a boat and heads into the ocean where he meets a whale, a crab & a sea gull among others.  Very cute, classically illustrated book.


Overall, my girls really enjoyed these books.  Especially my 3 year old.  The hardcover format is extremely durable and the stories are good for a first-second grade level reader.  They are also smallish in size (about 5×7), making them a perfect size for small hands.

photo (10)

The illustrations and text are of the turn of the century style that children seem to enjoy.  My 6 & 3 year old girls really enjoyed the classic style of the stories & illustrations.  I have a whole library of ebooks like this that I would love to have as affordable, quality print books.  I did end up buying the whole set; I plan on giving the duplicates to my Godson.  If you like classic children’s books, you should check out Kinder Cottage Publishing–they even have abridged versions of the Wizard of Oz books that would be appropriate for smaller children.  I’m thinking about getting those, too.


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