As we recently added a 3rd child, I realized that we were pretty efficient about our kids bedding choices. My need to plan has meant that I am not eternally buying bedding :). Here are 4 tips for having less waste & turnover in your children’s bedding.

Skip the Crib

Co-sleeping may not be the best choice for all families. I understand that. If you are one of those people who needs her sleep or she’s a grumpy old mama bear, it’s worth learning more about. My babies sleep with us for about 9 months before moving to their own bed for a large chunk of the night. No crib means saving on the crib & extra crib linens :). But, like I said, its not for everyone. Either way…

Skip the Toddler Bed

We skip the toddler bed for many reasons. First, they are totally capable of getting out of out bed on their own. Because we co-sleep and have LOTS of stairs our babies learn how to get out of beds & down stairs practically before they can walk. Second, bed rails are beautiful things and easily found second hand, as are twin beds.

Also, since we move them into big beds early, they usually still want parent snuggle time for a long time afterward. Toddler beds aren’t made for grown ups. And finally, you don’t need to buy special toddler bed linens that are only used for 2 years.

Consider the Future

Bed linens tend to last a long time. I just bought my first new comforter for MY bed in about 5-10 years. The kids had nicer bedding than hubs & I did.! When I started buying their bedding, I decided to go very generic. By generic, I mean no characters. No Dora, Pirates, or Doc McStuffins to get tired of or outgrow. They each have a handmade blanket for one season and a store bought one for the other because we’ve been blessed with Bushia blankets :).

I bought one daughter a generic appliqued floral Circo quilt from Target in Purple, Blue & Yellow. I also have the pink version for our queen bed when they shared that. The queen blanket for winter was pink & purple with butterflies. For our son, I picked a plain blue striped reversible quilt from Circo. They are pretty & colorful enough for small children, but also grown-up enough to be used until they are 10-14 years old. Or until they get gross & fall apart.

Bedding Essentials

We also have just enough bedding for our kids. In Michigan, that means we have a ton :). Each bed has a long bedding storage bag underneath it. In it is all the bedding for each bed. For each bed, we have the following:

  • 2 sets of sheets (one on the bed & one “on deck” for middle of the night sheet changes)
  • A summer weight quilt w/shams
  • A winter weight blanket
  • A winter weight comforter w/shams
  • Pillows (2 for twin, 4 for kings/queen)

If we happened to buy a bed in a bag, the extra pillows are either on the bed or in the bag under it. Any extras like bed skirts are in the bags also. We tend not to use those.


A note about pillows. My husband used to complain about the number of pillows on the bed. Now he complains that they aren’t there when he wants to prop himself up in bed :). I like having my pillow shams filled (thus 4 pillows for a queen or king bed) for looks, but they are useful, too. Your use & budget dictate use of “extra” pillows.

Second, do not buy the cheapest pillows. If you need to wash them (and with kids you almost have to), cheap ones will lump to unusable levels once washed. Ask me how I know. Wait for sales–January & back to school seem to be good times to buy pillows. Or you could get new ones all the time, but that seems a waste.

With a little forethought, you can really save money, space and energy on your children’s bedding.

What are your favorite children’s bed & blanket tips?

Jen S.




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