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On Sunday, I was waxing poetic about the Catholic Bible Dictionary and today I get to share about the Candle Bible Handbook. The Candle Bible Handbook is a children’s Bible reference book with a sturdy flapped softcover. It is intended for children ages 8-12 and goes through each book of a Protestant Bible spending 3-4 pages on each.

The Candle Bible Handbook is a book meant for use, on thick paper with a durable paperback cover. The inside is visually beautiful with breakout boxes, maps, and more in full color illustrations. Each chapter contains a summary of the book and outline of major events within the book. There are many maps showing journeys and cities which I LOVE!

For bible study, there are a few FAQ’s that might be asked like “Why was Moses afraid the people would forget God?” (Deuteronomy) and also some study questions for each book. Also interesting were the Look Out For…boxes which pointed out things to note in the book. For example in the book of Joshua, you are directed to look for battles, good leadership, wins & losses, and miracles. Some books also have a special box about something that might merit its own discussion or a large spread like that of the Tabernacle or Solomon’s temple.

The Candle Bible Handbook is really a very good resource for bible study for kids. Heck, it’s good for adults without a lot of biblical historical & cultural background! It presents a lot of cultural & historical information that is really useful to know, to be able to understand the books of the bible. Just skimming the book, I’ve learned a lot about events & places that I’ve read in historical fiction I’ve read. Fun stuff!

Stay tuned for a Catholic Catechism for Kids on Sunday. It’s apparently religious resource week at Happy Little Homemaker :D!

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