So I was over at Homemaker’s Challenge a few weeks ago sharing about how to have a calmer day with your kiddo’s…



Recently, I’ve noticed that my little ones have been getting a little, well, ridiculous. Fighting, sassing, screaming, hitting, disobeying . . . I know all kids do this to an extent but it was getting over the top. So I was thinking about what changed. Was it a blood sugar issue? Had they been taking their vitamins? What was their diet like? Did the routine change?

Uh oh. When was the last time we did our routine? When was the last time the little did “school?” Face smack. That was it! We had gotten off of our routine and filling little people’s love tanks in the morning goes a long way to having a good day. Here is how to set the stage for a calmer DAY in just 35 minutes…

Read all my tips for 35 Minutes to a Calmer Day over at HomemakersChallenge!

Jen S.




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