If you have a smartphone, it’s smart to use that little pocket computer to help with your fitness goals. With that in mind, here are three frugal fitness apps that will help with your exercise goals.



MapMyFitness is great for tracking all your exercise efforts. It has a GPS and can track runs, walks, bicycle rides, and even gym workouts. Plus, it has a calorie/food tracker if you find that useful. Your data sticks around on the cloud even after you delete it the app, which is handy. I used MapMyRun a few years ago and can see all those workouts in my log, too.


Ease into 5k

I’ve used several different running apps and I like Ease into 5K the best, especially when I have to start over. I’ve used it twice & plan to use it again this spring. It has a GPS to track your path, you can play your music from inside of it, and it has a journal. They also have programs for increased distances–Power Walk, Ease into 10k, Bridge to 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and even Run, Walk & Cycle Trackers, among others. They also have a Run for God 5k app that looks like its identical to Ease into 5k but with scripture & links to the RunforGod program, if that interests you.



I LOVE FitDeck. There are cards, if you don’t have a smartphone. I have both and love them. I bought the Pilates FitDeck app. There are 4 gateway apps (Bodyweight, Basketball, Junior & Pilates) and then you can purchase booster decks within the app. I bought stretch & stairs for mine. I also have the physical card decks for Prenatal, Postnatal, Stroller, Playground, Stretch, Junior & Pilates. Fun, useful, tool/app.

These three apps will help you on your frugal exercise journey, both to make exercise plans AND track progress.

What apps do you use to get fit?



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