Being frugal and fit as a family can be a big challenge! In the baby years, strollers & slings are extraordinarily useful. As the kids get older, bikes, balls and other sporting goods become priorities to promote active play. Here are some ways your whole family can be active together.


No equipment necessary, even with a baby for as long as you want to hold them :). Toddlers may enjoy a wagon ride, if you have one.


Used bikes are easy to come by pretty frugally if you don’t care how pretty & new they are. A can of spray paint can work wonders on an ugly but good condition bike :). Once everyone is old enough to ride a bike, everyone can go on bike rides.


Well, maybe not actual soccer. But you can buy a soccer ball for $10 and kick it around the yard with your kids. I did this while pregnant & even a little with my newborn when I was feeling better.


Maybe you aren’t a runner. I won’t lie, gear to run with small kids is EXPENSIVE! But time trials are easy. Set up a start line, run to a tree (or something), touch it, and run back. Have varied ages & abilities? Use a stopwatch and work to improve your own time. Kids love stopwatches!


Again maybe not an actual basketball game, but a game of pig or horse or even just shooting & talking. You could spring for your own hoop if its something your family enjoys or you could visit a nearby park.

Jump Rope

I love this one :). And your kids will, too, with the right equipment. Rope and skinny plastic jump ropes aren’t much fun. Get those segmented plastic ones like you had in gym class. I’m getting one for myself this summer. Look up some old jump rope rhymes and even try some overhead or double-Dutch tricks.


Again, most families won’t play an actual game, but its easy to play catch or teach how to hit, bunt and field a ball. And the running above will help in base running :).

Obstacle Courses

Now this could cost you nothing, but my kids love having a set of rings/hula hoops and cones to add. They are great for adding agility and clear boundaries. When making your course think jumping, crawling under or through, walking backwards, skipping, hopping, running and more. Stuck for ideas? Check out these movement cards from 3 Dinosaurs for ideas!

Frisbee/Frisbee Golf

I have about 20 promo frisbees, so I know you can do this one for free :). Park, picnic and frisbee = good times! If your family is older, frisbee golf might be a fun way to spend time together. I’ve even heard of people making their own courses!


In the majority of the country, this might not be frugal, but I have spent my whole life in Michigan, on the coast of one Great Lake or another. Even inland lakes, rivers or the ocean could make this a fun & frugal activity. Dive for objects underwater, have races or even just splash & play! No water nearby? Consider a sprinkler, homemade slip n slide or even a hose or water balloon fight.

How does your family keep fit together?



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