My last Thomas Nelson book for February is God and Me–A Child-Centered Way of Learning God’s Love. I have to confess, I requested this one due to what felt like a God-prompt. It’s not something I would choose otherwise. Instead of illustrations, it’s filled with images of real children for starters. I’m partial to pretty drawings myself :).

My girls 3 & 6 are REALLY getting into it.  There is a devotion for each day of the year with a ribbon bookmark and its printed on the high quality, thick paper that I’m accustomed to from Thomas Nelson books. What really makes these books stand out from the many other devotionals that we use, is how the devotionals are in tune with their daily existence. The devotions cover day to day topics like bath time, building forts, saying sorry, counting, crying, sea creatures, being sick, cooking & more.

Each devotion in God and Me has a 4-7 sentence devotion, a small prayer, and bible reference to see what the bible has to say about that particular subject. If you are running short on time, you can skip the bible reading.  If you have time to spare, you can get out the bible and read the verse(s). The devotions & bible passages are great because they are short and the prayers are simple and to the point.

Dear God, sometimes I am like Stanley. Please help me to say sorry when I have done naughty things. Amen.

You can see a sample of inside pages of God & Me. Sometimes the prayers ask the kids to fill in the blanks. This is the first book where both of my kids willingly did this every single time. Amazing. We have really, really enjoyed this book and pairing a devotion about their daily existence with the bible really excited them! The devotions are well written and don’t talk down to kids, but acknowledges feelings and fears and thoughts they have. This book brings it to such a basic level that I don’t think any Christian could find fault with it. It’s pretty universally appealing. I haven’t read it all word for word, just the first month and a half and pieces of the future months, but I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read.

If you only buy one devotional for kids ages 3-7, God and Me would be it. Thomas Nelson recommend it for ages 4-7, but my 3 year old loves it. If you know of a child in need of a devotional, use the widget below to enter to win a copy!



Good luck!

Jen S.




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