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Depending on how you travel & how you school, you could get a lot of your school done on the journey.

On the Road

It’s about 20 hours on the road from our house to Orlando. Further if we go to Cape Coral. Since we don’t get car sick, doing schoolwork is a great way to pass the time. We usually start out with our prayer, devotions & bible. The next time they are bored reading comes out. Then math and so on through our normal subjects.

An extended road trip is awesome for geography, maps, and directions by the sun. You can also get a head start on geological landforms/habitats for trips out of your type of landform — through deserts, mountains, to the shore, prairie, etc.

If you have time, you could also plan to stop at a cool place en route–a battlefield, a national park, a place on the Oregon trail. Check your route to see what’s nearby. Or if you are a road-trip loving crew, check for brown signs on the Interstate & pick one on a whim!

If you are traveling by plane there are usually opportunities to fit in a little school here and there. It actually works better with the littler ones. It gives them something to do so they are not focused on their antsy ness so much. It’s a great time for gentle, low stress learning like workbooks, brain quest, flash cards, games & things like that.

At Your Destination

I try to do light schooling if we are on a vacation. It’s also a great time to do fun subjects that get neglected like history, geography, art, music, etc.

I will be requiring my 6 year old to keep a journal for her copywork about something she learned, something she enjoyed and what we did. She can also tape things inside as a memento of our trip. It will also help her to learn that LIFE is learning, not just “school.”

I also try to plan an educational, but fun attraction if possible. A science museum, aquarium, cool living history historical site. I just Googled ‘homeschool field trips ‘ and got some great ideas. Big cities are awesome for this but even small towns have cool things if you do a little digging & ask around.


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What curriculum & books do you use that are road trip friendly?


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