Do you subscribe to more than a few dozen blog feeds either via RSS or email? Do you pin or share a high percentage of posts?

Do you get thousands of emails from hundreds of places every day?

Do you have stacks of magazines that have been unread for six months? And do you require that you read them before you pass them on and throw them away because she couldn’t bear to miss anything even six-months-old?

Do you have a giant stack of books to read, cookbooks you never even opened or other such information that you’ve never touched and can’t bear to get rid of?

Do you subscribe to deal blogs and by more than you’ll ever need because you wanted it & saved a few dollars on it?

Do you have a horde of whatever your trigger item (mine=makeup & books) is because you got a good deal on it or looked good? Do you even use it?

Have you downloaded every free school printable ever shared on a deal site blog just in case you might want it someday? Do you even search your hard drive first?

Do you have a separate server or RAID hard drive to store such files that you’ll never use again?

Do you know about every linky, contest, blog carnival & conference even if it isn’t in your niche or even something you care about?

If any of these sound like you, you may be addicted to data. In my case, it could also be considered being a know-it-all :).


Come back next week to find out how to fix your overloaded, data seeking!

Jen S.




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