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So you may (or may not) have noticed that I have had several posts with the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode banners on them. While none of these were sponsored by Crystal, her new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life, was the reason I wrote them. As part of the launch team, I was able to read her book before it came out.

Heavy stuff. (Did you happen to see my Keeping It Real post?). It’s not complicated. But it is hard. You need to learn the word “no.” And use it. To yourself and others.

If you are struggling. If you find no joy in your day. If your to-do lists are endless & you find yourself saying ‘not now’ All. The. Time. You may be in need of her book, too.

Her exercise on margin & the time use exercise were so spot on. I’ve done a study of my time. I’m even pretty good at saying no to recurring activities. But I’ve never heard her advice to use them to not schedule so much into my day. Yeah, I’m pretty good at cramming 30 hours of stuff into 14 waking hours, but at what expense? Having an endless to do list that has nothing to do with what I want to be remembered for when I die? Her intent was to have us work through the book before launch and share how its changed our lives.

Frankly, I haven’t gotten far. I need too much work. We all do (my kids & I) & it starts with me. I set the tone and we all know they copy what I DO not what I say :). I’ve been working on saying no to data overload — it’s my biggest stressor. Data to know everything, have every possible option to choose from, stretch every penny. I’ve been saying no to data overload instead of calendar overload. Sifting through data takes time.

Time that is better used as margin. Margin to guide the middle to clean up her messes & obey. Time to consider the heart behind the older child’s actions. To be able to witness the character issues and address them, not react to them. To run errands without having to push, pull and drag them along. To see the beautiful things and listen to their thoughts. And even to play pat-a-cake with the baby.

It’s dulled the sharp, piercing words. And brought back some of the joy that’s been missing. It’s catching on. The girls are kinder. They are hitting less. Screaming less. Helping each other more. It’s beautiful. And humbling. Because I still have a long way to go.

But with Crystal’s help, I have a good start. I’m going to continue to build margin & address the character issues before I go too much farther. If you are missing the joy or constantly say, it will be better when (you fill in the blank), you should read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Commit to working through it.

You may not see changes overnight, but I have seen smaller changes just by addressing one big thing. It’s taken 3 months. And counting. Worth every penny. And I’m not just saying that–I got a free electronic copy to review, but I bought the hardcover to work through. I like physical books better. There are a still a few days left to pre-order and get the freebies – learn more at Money Saving Mom.


Are you ready to say Goodbye to Survival Mode and hello to the joy has for you?

Jen S.


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