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After reading Crystal’s new book, I decided to make a set of goals again this year.   I can’t promise that I will remember to update you on my progress, but I’m going to try.  I’m also going to try to stay off my phone more (thus blogging less), but we shall see.


1. Spiritual

– To resume monthly confession.
– spend some time in Adoration every other month
– to pray with the children each morning & night, as well a decade of the Rosary on my own each day.

2. Health

– avoid Dairy & limit breads
– exercise at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes
– stay on top of my Bloodwork & keep track of my nutrient levels

2b. Friendship

– reach out to other women at least monthly
– email, call or visit someone at least once a week

3. Marriage

– to touch hubby daily
– to plan & schedule monthly lunch dates
– have 12 date at home ideas ready to use

4. Parenting

– to better reflect God by kind words & grace
– to discipline, guide and train the children
-to pray for them daily
– to have one-on-one time daily
– plan & schedule monthly dates

4b. Homeschooling

– to foster a love for learning
– to provide opportunities based on their needs & abilities

5. Homemaking

– to get on a housekeeping routine
– to teach girls to help with the household tasks
– remove clutter

5b. Finances

– rebuild our emergency fund to $15,000 by the end of the year
– lower expenses by removing unnecessary expenses
– stop shopping for unnecessary items

5c. Work

– blog twice a week with educational articles
– engage customers in social media
– send newsletters to market segments

5d. Writing

– blog 3x/week
– promote & engage on social media
– work on writing & publishing a children’s book. Send out queries for book 1. Complete writing book 2.


What are your goals this year?

Jen S.




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