Well, the Schoolhouse Review Crew year has come to an end and what a year it has been. If you are interested to see our current thoughts for all the reviews I participated in in 2013, keep reading.  It’s been a blessed year and we found some curriculum we really loved (scroll down to the bottom to see the short list).



Apologia- Exploring Creation With Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

Current Thoughts

I still really like the Apologia science books. Having used two now, I would say that for a K/1, I would include them if there is an older sibling since it would be great exposure. The activities are fun. The terminology and even the junior notebook pages are probably best suited for 6-7 year olds and up. I say that because I consider my five year old to be in first grade and she is just now starting to have the maturity & motor skills for the notebooking. This one is really detailed and she liked doing it, but I just haven’t felt like resuming this particular course. Yet. Maybe in the fall if we’ve completed Chemistry & Physics.

You can read my original review from February 2013.



Current Thoughts

It was great for repetition of things we were struggling with, but moved too slowly after that. It’s also VERY worksheet intensive. Many are reusable but we literally did 10-15 a day. If your child doesn’t like them, this probably isn’t for you. I’m also not sure how I feel about having to count everything on the number points to add/subtract. I think memorization is much more useful.

You can read my original review from March 2013.


Dr. Craft’s Active Play Books

Current Thoughts

I still like it, but Phys Ed has literally fallen off the radar with the new baby. Maybe this winter when the baby is older & they need more to do. They really enjoyed it and I should really dig it back out.

You can read my original review from April 2013.


Homeschool in the Woods

Current Thoughts:

Again, we kind of dropped history. The Little Man has been super grumpy teething and the basics are all we’ve gotten in. We decided to switch to Mystery of History from Story of the World and I will probably get this out when we get that far.

You can read my original review from May 2013.


Luke’s Life List/Luke’s School List

Current Thoughts

I still like these & used them when coming up with my IEP’s for both girls this summer. I will probably use them in my year end summaries as to skills acquired as well.

You can read my original review from May 2013.


Paperless Organization

Current Thoughts

Loved it. Changed my life. Use the tips daily. Get yours now!

You can read my original review from May 2013.


Christi the Coupon Coach

Current Thoughts

Having lived in Florida (where she lives) and Michigan and played the coupon game in both, there is some good info. I’m still couponing like mad. In fact, I have more cosmetics than I can time find to wear these days. There were a good three months of frustration until I figured it out here. I’ll post on that soon.

You can read my original review from July 2013.


Circle Time

Current Thought

Circle Time fell off the planet. I’m hoping to get back to it. Again, Aramis is uncooperative. It will be nice when he’s big enough to play and not get so frustrated.

You can read my original review from July 2013.


Homegrown Preschool

Current Thoughts

Beautiful. Great ideas for my 3 year old & infant when he gets bigger. I’m hoping to pull some ideas for mid-winter doldrums.

You can read my original review from July 2013.

Bible Study Guide For All Ages

Current Thoughts

This is the first product we’ve EVER finished, continued and purchased more of. We BOTH love it.

You can read my original review from August 2013.


Reading Kingdom

Current Thoughts

Never went back to it. We might when Time 4 Learning expires. Her computer skills have improved as has her reading since then.

You can read my original review from August 2013.


Hands of A Child

Current Thoughts

She really liked this and I’ve bought a few others, but I don’t know if she liked the subjects as much so she hasn’t been as eager. We will keep trying them.

You can read my original review from August 2013.


Look Left, Look Right

Current Thoughts

Love it, still read it regularly. Fun book!

You can read my original review from September 2013.


Time 4 Learning

Current Thoughts

Still love it. She finished Science (1), Social Studies (2), and is nearly finished with Lanfuage Arts Extension (1). I had her quit using the math because I don’t like that they teach strategies for figuring out how to add without memorizing the basic number facts first. It was a little confusing for her. I’m really torn as to what I will do in January when our subscription runs out!

You can read my original review from September 2013.


God’s World News

Current Thoughts

Still love it but it falls by the wayside. She’s ALMOST to the point she could try to read it on her own. I could assign it then :).

You can read my original review from October 2013.


If You Were Me… Geography Books

Current Thoughts

I still find them cute and they come out when we come across the country in other studies but they are clearly school books, not story books, to the girls.

You can read my original review from November 2013.


Apologia Exploring Chemistry & Physics

Current Thoughts

She enjoys it a lot but the little man has been so grumpy with his teeth that we haven’t been able to do anything beyond the 4r’s. We’ve resumed it a little bit, but not in large chunks.  Still really looks forward to it and reminds me to do the afternoon school pieces so she can do this.

You can read my original review from November 2013.


Favorite Curriculum Reviews

Overall, I’d have to say that our top 5 favorites have been (in order of review):
– Paperless Organization
– Bible Study for All Ages
– Look Left, Look Right
– Time 4 Learning
– Apologia Exploring Chemistry & Physics

God’s World News gets an honorable mention though. It was in the final cut!

How do you feel about homeschool curriculum reviews? I’ve been accepted to rejoin the crew for 2014 and can’t wait to share new discoveries!

Jen S.




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