A few years ago I had the opportunity to host a Chex Mix swap party. I planned it in the middle of the busy pre-Christmas season, but it would be a fabulous theme for a New Year’s Eve or New Years Day gathering! With a little prior planning, you could probably buy some ingredients during the Christmas clearance. Don’t forget to stop at JoAnn’s or Michaels & buy winter themed food storage to facilitate the swap!

Chex Swap Party Essentials

– Pick a Date

I suggest either adding it to Black Friday weekend fun, New Year’s or even the Epiphany. If you have it during the busy holiday season, you could try an open house format. Make sure to make several kinds for the first arrivals to have a variety.

– Send out Invites

If you decide to throw it around the holidays, the more invites you send, the better your turnout will be. Since its more of a casual affair, I would use Evite or Facebook since you can send reminders & get a better head count that way. Ask for their favorite snack mix recipe even if they don’t come.

– Go shopping

Make a list of ingredients for the recipe(s) you would like to make. Collect Chinese takeout boxes, seasonal plastic containers, tins, or even seasonal baggies. If you don’t already have a supply of large bowls, I would pick up several inexpensive serving bowls.


Depending on the time that you pick for your Chex Mix Swap party, you may need to decorate. Blue, turquoise & silver are great for New Year’s or later. Purple & gold are my personal favorite for Advent. Red, white & green are traditional colors for the Christmas season. You can go all out, complete with toilet tank displays, or as simple as ornaments spread around the serving dishes.


Give your house a quick clean. Not sure where to start? Check out my recent post at Homemakers Challenge — 35 Minutes to Company Clean.

Come back next week for tried & true snack mix recipes!

Jen S.

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