Giving-Gratitude for Kids


Interestingly, one of the ways we can give of ourselves is to NOT be full of ourselves.  And bearing wrongs patiently, is both the easiest, AND hardest thing to easy.  Its easy because most people and kids probably feel wronged on a daily basis, right?  There is plenty of opportunity to practice it :).  But its hard because, well, I care about me & when I am wronged, I. want. justice.

My children (all children?) have an innate sense of fairness and this spiritual act of mercy, to bear wrongs patiently, is such a difficult one to grasp.  In fact, it almost falls under character training, in my mind.

I found an excellent article on how to bear wrongs patiently from apologist Mark Shea.   From a more practical standpoint, this article on bearing wrongs patiently from The Liturgical Year has some excellent tips for families.  And finally, this article:  Bearing Wrongs Patiently.  Literally.


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Do your children work on this?  Do you?

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