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When I requested She’s Twelve Going on Twenty: Nurturing Your Daughter Through the Tween Years from the publisher, I was thinking it would be good to get a head start on my 5-going-on-15 year old.  And truthfully, I have a few years to go before its really useful.

She’s Twelve Going on Twenty is a book about guiding your young daughters through all that they need to be upstanding women of character.  Covering all aspects of a young girls life, Kim Camp tackles the various aspects of a girls’ spirit, her soul & her body, all from a Godly perspective.

I was totally prepared to read about  things like discipline & morals.  What I got instead was a need for more grace, kindness, and to be an example.  But I’m glad for the nudge because I am a very black & white, critical person.  I don’t know if you’ve gotten that impression from reading my blog, but its a fact.

I have kind of mixed feelings about She’s Twelve Going on Twenty on the whole.  It’s not really written from anything remotely resembling my faith tradition so there are lots of pieces that I will ignore.  There are, however, truths that I can adapt to Catholicism.  I do like all the activities for moms to do with their daughters — there are several things listed after every chapter.

I guess that I have mixed feelings on it because its not really aimed at me.  If you are of one of the types of Christians who believes that all you need to do is invite Jesus into your heart, then you would probably really identify with her style.  And it’s not that the information is bad–it’s NOT!  It’s all good stuff.  I think there are just too many things that I’d have to adapt to make it work for me.  I have several Christian friends, who I would definitely recommend this too; in fact, I’ll probably pass it along to them.

Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy for review!





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