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Our family LOVES pirates.  The first time my husband & I heard about International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19) on the radio, we were smitten!  When we had kids, my daughter became obsessed with pirates thanks to Peter Pan.  We decided to make a day of it, dressing up like pirates, watching pirate movies & listening to pirate music.  Since we started school, Talk Like a Pirate Day has morphed into full-on Pirate WEEK.  One year it even coincided with a tall ship festival & pirate pancake breakfast!

Here are the resources that we’ve used for Pirate Week from Age 3 – early First Grade.



Uncle Pete the Pirate
Uncle Pete’s Pirate Adventure
See Inside Pirate Ships (Usborne Flap Book)
Dirty Joe, The Pirate
Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC
Pirates Go To School
Pirates Don’t Change Diapers

Do Pirates Take Baths?
How I Became A Pirate
Port-Side Pirates
Puzzle Pirates

1001 Pirate Things to Spot



Printable Worksheets / Lapbooks


Pirate Lapbook @Homeschool Creations
Pirate Pack @ 2 Teaching Mommies



For Purchase

First Grade

For Purchase



Activities / Crafts


  •  Sensory play
  •  Pirate’s Cove (themed miniature golf)
  • Boat/ship themed playground equipment
  •  Decorate wood treasure chests
  • Make pixie dust/treasure bags
  • Sword fighting (we bought ours at the dollar store at halloween)
  • Spyglass (from paper towel rolls)
  • Pirate treasure nature scavenger hunt (link to printable)



Peter Pan
Jake & the Neverland Pirates
The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything (VeggieTales)



The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Soundtrack
Pirates of the Caribbean – Swashbuckling Sea Songs
Jake & the Neverland Pirates – Pirate Rock (We don’t have this, but the girls would love it!)






Our kids love to play dress-up we bought some halloween costumes one year.   They got a ton of use, were washed many times & are holding up pretty well.

And when we pick a theme / obsession, we go all out.  This year we started collecting the Playmobil Pirates toys for Pirate Week.  We also already had the Musical Bucky from J&TNP that they are playing with, too.

We also had Jake & the Neverland pirates coloring books & stickers from Lil’ Bit’s last birthday.  Those are pretty easy to find at Walmart or Dollar Tree.


What do you use for your tots-first grade for pirate fun?

Jen S.

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