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As you can tell by now, I am a planner.  If you aren’t, hopefully all my lists have been helpful to you.   In my ideal world, if I plan enough ahead, I can just let the rest go, which is a blessing when a new baby comes and disrupts things on the homefront!

Here are some other things I try to think about & plan for before I give birth:

Medical Appointments

Dentist and/or eye.   Do you need one?  Have you had one lately?   It’s easier without a newborn!



Belly Pics, belly molds, parties, cakes, etc.  Do you have new baby traditions that you need to get supplies for or have done?



Not that I think everyone can have these done, but again, this is kind of your last chance.  It’s MUCH harder to do these with a newborn who nurses every hour.  If you can, get them done now!

  • Hair cut
  • Adjusting glasses
  • Mani/pedi
  • Massage


Health Needs

Do you need to refill prescriptions?  If so, can you move from monthly to quarterly or go in a little early for your refill?   Make sure you have an essential vitamins & other dietary supplements, too!


Post-Partum Health

Luckily, nearly every domestic job can be farmed out now!  If your other children are not old enough to take on some of the work and it’s within your means, consider hiring help in the following areas for a few weeks.   This is especially useful for those of us who don’t have nearby family who can help.

  • doula
  • housekeeping help
  • meal help
  • laundry help


This post is part of the Prepping for Baby Series — check out the full list of posts!


What else would you include?

Jen S.






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