My favorite fruit of all time has to be a strawberry.  I could literally eat them all summer long.  And I DO.   Here are some of my favorite uses for the strawberry harvest.   And please, if you would like to pin a recipe, pin the original post, not this post — thanks!


This strawberry muffin recipe was one of my first modifications to “real food” and was soooo yummy.   Sorry, no pic :(.

This strawberry-rhubarb pie is my favorite.   (pic is not mine…I didn’t have a “pro” blogger mindset when I wrote these posts).

Again, not my photo, but this is my strawberry-rhubarb crisp for two recipe.  My kids didn’t eat a lot yet, when I made this for the first time :).  It’s still my favorite way to make it, however.

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


My mom used to make this as pies in a graham cracker crust, but my mother-in-law’s family makes it like this.  Either way its super yummy!



I haven’t made these yet, but I’ve been pinning baked donut recipes. Not only can I control what goes into them, but they are super fresh. I can’t wait to try these!


My kids are always asking to make popsicles and this is a super simple fruit recipe. We will be trying to make these this summer for sure!

Source: via Jen on Pinterest


And finally, I love all things pancake and these strawberry pancakes look divine. I can’t wait to try these one morning!


Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a big preserver/canner, but I DO freeze a lot of strawberries. I do it two different ways.

First, I wash and flash-freeze them. These I mostly use for my smoothies.

Second, I chop them small/crush them and freeze in 2-4 cup portions in my freezer. No sugar. This way I can use them for winter strawberry shortcake or baked goods. Either way, I don’t have to adjust recipe.


Or you can make strawberry jam. I do this also — about every 2 years because it takes that long to use it all up.

You can also find out more about using up summer’s bounty at these posts:

What are your favorite strawberry recipes?

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