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When I was growing up, my mom had a traditional wicker picnic basket that we packed in addition to our cooler.   I LOVED that picnic basket and wanted one just like it.  I found one at Target a few years ago that was close but not as sturdy and added my own supplies to make a basket like some of the options below.

As with all things, you can spend as much or as little as you like, but here are some ways to stow all your picnic gear.   I personally would LOVE to try one of the baskets from Picnic at Ascot, but even on Zulilly they are quite expensive.  If you have some extra cash, keep your eye out for a sale there — I’ve seen them 2 or 3 times already!

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Traditional Picnic Basket

This is similar to the one I’ve always wanted.  A large basket with room to store plates, cups, silverware, napkins as well as any non-perishable items.   If you have anything that you’d prefer cold, you will need a cooler also.  I’ve also found that once you have a supply of paper goods (or the real equivalent), they don’t hold a ton of food.  They DO make sure you have everything you need ready to go at a moments notice though.  I keep mine in the back of my van.  We are always ready to dine al fresco!

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While we don’t have one of these (yet!), I would love a backpack like this.  Since we have such little kids, it would be great to hold all our picnic gear and still have my hands free.  I would probably take the kiddos out a lot more on my own this way.   On my wishlist is the kid sized picnic backpack.  My soon to be 6-year old would love being in charge of a set of dishes.   My 3 year old would, too!


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A picnic cooler, like the one above would be great for families who picnicked like mine used to, with meat to cook, cold salads and the works.   It would also be a fabulous tool for our friends BOYE parties — we could pack our drinks, table service, dish to pass and the whole shebang right in here.


Source: via Jen on Pinterest

Market Basket


These super cute bags have caught my eye for years and look like they would be a fantastic option as my family gets larger and we get more used to being out and about during summer.  This market basket would have everything we need for a simple picnic lunch for mom and several kids.  I could see us using it for making sure we have food while running errands (useful for people who have to make a special trip into town and are on a budget!), or even to spend a beautiful day at the park or beach.


Whatever you have

And as gorgeous as all the options above are, there is always the budget/DIY option — use what you have!

Before I got my clearance basket from Target, I had a box with paper products in it permanently in my van from May-September.   Food went into grocery bags, reusuable lunch bags, or whatever I had laying around.   Other people I know prefer duffle bags or backpacks.


What is your picnic basket style?



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