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Whether you give birth in the hospital or at home, it’s a good idea to be prepared for the type if birth you would like. Keep in mind though, that the unexpected DOES happen and sometimes you will end up with the birth situation that you never dreamed or wanted. And that’s okay–especially if you did everything you could for the health of you and your baby.

Birth Plan

When we had our hospital birth, we had a fully written up birth plan on file for the hospital and our midwife well before the due date. We also carried several copies for nursing staff & others who probably weren’t looking at our file regularly. In addition, we had a friend who acted as a kind of a doula, reminding us of what we did and DID NOT have to agree to.

Our birth plan addressed the following areas:

  • Who was allowed into the delivery room during labor
  • Laboring environment — music, lighting, noise level
  • Photography wishes
  • Clothing wishes
  • Type of monitoring desired
  • Laboring positions desired which included things like being able to eat and drink, etc.
  • medication & anesthesia requests
  • induction requests
  • Birth positions requested
  • Post-birth care for baby
  • provisions in the event of a c-section
  • provisions in the event of a sick baby

Birth Kit

Again, a birth kit is something you should have ready whether you are birthing at home or in the hospital. They will probably look vastly different :).

Hospital Birth Kit

When we had our hospital birth, our birth kit/bag looked something like this:

  •   exercise ball (to use while in labor since one could not be guaranteed)
  •   iPod & radio
  •   our own pillows in old pillowcase
  • mom pajamas, easy to nurse in, to greet visitors
  • personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • maternity clothes for the trip home — very comfy & loose!
  • nursing bra
  • baby clothes — onesies, pajamas, etc.
  • going home outfit — both genders if you don’t know 😉
  • cold weather gear (if necessary)
  • car seat
  • receiving blankets
  • other blankets
  • burp cloths
  • diapers (if you prefer cloth or a particular brand)
  • baby soap/shampoo, if you prefer


Home Birth Kit

Now that we birth at home, our birth kit consists of:

  • The medical items birth kit put together by our midwives. It contains things like blue pads, rubber gloves, etc.
  •  The list of household items necessary for a home and/or water birth. Again this list of things like old sheets, towels, a foot bath, salt, etc comes from the midwives.
  • laboring clothes
  • music to listen to, loaded & ready to go, if necessary
  • essential oils & diffuser, candles or other desired ambiance items
  • having OJ turds on hand
  • having good food/fuel on hand for strength through labor


This post is part of the Prepping for Baby Series — check out the full list of posts!


What types of things do you make sure you have for your births?

Jen S.




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